What We Value

1 - Bible Saturation

We are passionate about knowing God through the written revelation of himself in the Holy Scriptures

2 - Gospel Centeredness

Looking to Jesus and to what God has done through his life, death, resurrection, ascension, and sending of his Spirit, is the key to transformed living

3 - Spirit Dependence

The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit and the gifts he gives must be pursued for effective ministry

4 - Discipleship in All of Life

All believers are called to grow as disciples by bringing every area of life into submission to King Jesus and leading others to do the same

5 - Community Commitment

Discipleship should take place in the context of a committed local community of believers

6 - Missional Mindset

Every member of the church is called to the mission of making disciples, living as missionaries in our local community as well as sending missionaries to regions beyond

7 - Prayer

Our sovereign God works through the prayers of his people and his church must be committed to fervent individual and corporate prayer in order to experience God-glorifying growth

8 - Cultural Engagement

As missionaries to our community we are called to bring the gospel to bear on the issues of our culture in ways that can be understood and to serve those around us in such a way that demands a gospel-explanation

9 - Grace and Forgiveness

The church is called to be a community of grace and forgiveness, to one another and to outsiders, in which broken and hurting people can find truth, hope, and healing

10 - Truth

Truth matters and the local church must be a family that upholds doctrinal clarity, speaks the truth in love, and helps each other fight against sin and live in daily repentance and faith

11 - Unity in Diversity

The local church should strive to represent the demographics of its community because God is glorified when people of different ages, incomes, ethnicities and social backgrounds worship him together as family

12 - Joy

God is the all-satisfying one, and ultimate joy is found in living for his glory. whether in worshiping him through song or in the everyday rhythms of life (especially in suffering), those who live for him should be a joy-filled people

We Exist to Make Him Known
In the Gospel, We Are Rescued by God, to His Community, for His Mission.

God, by nature, is a sending God. In the Old Testament, God the Father sent prophets, priests, and kings to lead His people. In the New Testament, God the Father sent the perfect Prophet, the better King, the Great High Priest in the person of His Son Jesus Christ to again lead His people. In sending Jesus on mission to rescue and redeem sinful humanity, Jesus in turn called and sent His disciples to go and make more disciples ("Just as the Father sent me, so send I you." John 20:21) Jesus then ascended into heaven and sent His Spirit who empowers His disciples to be sent on mission.

The Church is not merely an institution that sends out missionaries...the Church is itself a community of sent missionaries. We live on God's mission, loving our neighbors by proclaiming the gospel and living out its implications so that God's name may be worshipped by people in our local community and to the ends of the earth.

Living on mission as believers means orienting our life around our identity in Christ as God's missionary people. It's living life in a way that depends on the Spirit's power and demands a gospel explanation.

At Kaleo, we seek to make disciples in Grays Harbor through proclaiming, displaying, and explaining the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed. We desire to increasingly think and strategize and live as the missionary people of God...foreigners in a strange land, reaching an indigenous people group, with the message of the gospel. We aim to do this together through the missionary teams of our MISSIONAL COMMUNITY GROUPS.

(Matthew 28:18-20; John 20:21; Acts 1:8; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21)