Leadership Cohort Overview

The Goal

To equip leaders who think biblically and theologically, who have developed and tested skills, with character that reflects a life shaped by the Gospel.

Head: Learn to think biblically, theologically, and gospel-centered

Heart: Let the truths that you learn affect all of who you are

Hands: Live a life of love and service in response to who God is and who he made you to be. 


Individuals with a desire to grow holistically as leaders in order to more fully know God, serve Jesus, lead in the local church, and see the Gospel move forward in their homes, neighborhoods, workplace, city, and beyond.


Individuals are required to set a goal for finishing each tour in a specific amount of time. Time commitment will vary depending on the goal, for example, 1 Year Goal (3-6 hours a week), 1.5 Year Goal (2-5 hours a week), 2 Year Goal (1-3 hours a week) etc.

Core Components

Theological Development

Discipleship meetings will be formed around a socratic discussion. This means that participants will come prepared to discuss weekly topics, and our time together will be guided by a leader asking questions to drive the conversation.Participants will meet weekly (or bi-weekly) to discuss the biblical, theological and practical implications of the content they are learning.

Each discussion will be accompanied by a weekly project in order to put what is being learned into practice.


Each participant is connected to a leader who can walk through the process with them, helping them to process what they are learning, and helping them connect it to the life and mission of the church.Specifically, each participant will have a personal development plan based on their unique gifting and skills that will guide their development.Much of this will be congruent with each individual's current leadership development

Leadership Opportunities

Each participant will have opportunities to lead in areas that reflect their gifting and trajectory as a leader.For some, it could be starting a DNA group or helping develop a sermon series.Others may help think through and lead a missional community group in distinct ways out of what they are learning.Others may help shape a plan for caring for orphans in our county, or for recovery groups.

Book review and application

-Each participant will complete a brief 5 question book review for each book they finish. Included in the book review are questions about life application. Participants will be held accountable and encouraged to actually apply what they have learned to their lives specifically for the building up of the church family and the extension of God’s kingdom. 

Content Overview

This content has been specifically designed to provide an accessible theological training in the context of the local church for people with or without a theological or academic background. Book assignments may vary depending on the initial level of spiritual development of the participant. Some books may be waived and others may be added. This will typically be determined  through conversation and/or a theological evaluation. 


Participants are required to read all of the Scripture passages referred to in each book and test all teaching with the Word of God.

When reading the passages, take note to do two very important tasks: (1) read the passage with the intent of determining the author’s intended meaning and (2) study the passage as it relates to the issues and questions proposed.

First Tour

Galatians Study – Tim Keller

You Can Change: God’s Transforming Power for our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions – Tim Chester

Gospel Fluency - Jeff Vanderstelt

The Prodigal God – Tim Keller

In addition to these titles participants are encouraged to read Tim Challies' short and practical book on productivity: Do More Better


1. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him - John Piper


2. Understanding Sanctification - John Piper


3. Spiritual Warfare - Jeff Vanderstelt

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYXizwr_hIA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OSzBfbB13s

4. Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - John Piper


6. The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness - Tim Keller (50 min. audio book)

Second Tour

Bible Study in the Book of Acts

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church – Michael Lawrence

The Pursuit of God -- A.W. Tozer

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament – Alec Motyer

God’s Big Picture – Vaughn Roberts

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God – J.I. Packer

Elder / Church Planter Apprenticeship (Third Tour) 

Years (Tours) 1 and 2 are also required reading for elders and church planters in training

Bible Study in 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus

Total Church – Steve Timmis and Tim Chester

Biblical Eldership – Alexander Strauch or Church Elders by Jeremy Rinne

The Shepherd Leader – Timothy Witmer

Systematic Theology  – Wayne Grudem (Selected Readings)